Monday, 7 May 2012

Top 8 most entertaining exercises

As we all know exercise can be pretty darn boring at times. I am always looking for ways to try and spice up ordinary exercise but I thought I would write a post that shows my top 8 most entertaining exercises that will keep you entertained for months without any additional spicing up.
8 - Bike riding
This may not seem like a very entertaining exercise at first but I have been riding bikes for years around the streets and I have seen some pretty crazy and amazing things. When you are out exercising on a bike you sometimes forget that you are exercising and just enjoy the scenery.
7 - Group pool classes
I had to mention it.  The good old gym pool classes where you splash around for an hour and get fit. I don’t buy it. I suppose it could be good for people with bad joints or injuries. However, I included it in the list as an exercise that is entertaining to watch, not do.
6 - Circuits
My friends and I used to do these all the time and they are fun because you have to change exercises in such rapid succession that you often end up doing really silly things. They get you really fit though!
5 - Martial arts classes
I am a big fan of martial arts. There is a big group practicing their technique together - punching, kicking, shouting - it is great! Martial arts also has a great sense of history and tradition which can really get you going.

4 - Personal training
I know it’s not really an exercise but personal training is a great way to stay entertained. If you have your own trainer to run with you or force you to push out one more repetition then exercise automatically becomes a little more fun.
I also do some online personal training so if you need a new workout program or weight loss program then drop me an email.
3 - Team sports
I think playing a team sports is one of the best forms of exercise for staying entertained. The reason for this is that there is an ongoing season and a ladder and you always want to better your position or beat that team that beat you last week and so on. You also have a whole host of team mates around you to spur you on. It is wonderful!
2 - Hiking
I go to visit the Himalayan moutains   at the end of every year and one of my favorite exercises while I am over there is hiking up the beautiful Himalayan mountains. Obviously I don’t climb up the top but the hills and valleys that surround the mountains make for some awesome day trips which is a really good way to blast your fitness.
1 - Pole Dancing
My friend  has been doing pole dancing with a friend for about a year now and the stories they come home and tell me are simply hilarious! Learning to hang upside down on a poll and spinning around is a great way to cause an accident. However, they have both toned their upper body so well by doing weekly classes. It is really impressive.

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