Thursday, 12 April 2012

  Difference between 'Being' and 'Doing'

one of those subtleties that make a world of difference is to distinguish between the concepts of "being" and "doing," When it comes to fitness, it makes a vast difference between people who are lean and healthy and people who want to be perfect.  There are people who do not actually exercise.

For many people being fit is a matter of choice. Just ask  anyone  you will say they would choose to be fit. Well, the next logical step would seem to be taking some kind of action toward fitness. In fact. Most people do think they must first DO something in order to BE fit. That is why people often start working toward fitness only to give up. To DO is always a struggle. Instead, to BE is when our actions are a natural extension of who we are and what we want to be.

Conventional thing is that first I DO something so, I can HAVE something, which enables me to BE something. It goes like this : Create a schedule of workout at the gym of five evenings per week The result will be a better body .Then, feel more healthy and attractive. 

Think about qualities or characteristics that people who are authentically fit possess. People whp are fit are usually consistent, creative, dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivated. You should have these qualities in yourself, in all areas of your life. Start to focus on them. When you get up in the morning, instead of saying, what do I need to do today; ask how can I BE those qualities. How am I going to be creative today? How am I going to be disciplined today? How am I going to be  fun today? There is a very different energetic response people have when their focus is on 'being' those things rather than 'doing' something. Use a journal if it would help you make the connections. 

It can be as going through your mind as you're reading, "But,if u feel that  I'm actually not very self-motivated." then what happens is you believe you have to do something to get self-motivated. The vision creates the action.Vision and action are interdependent. However, if you can start to see where you are being self- motivated - even in small ways - that can change  your ways. You'll recognize yourself as motivated in other areas as well, because as soon as you can see yourself 'being' self- motivated, the 'doing' follows naturally.  Select any one of the positive traits or factors  of the one who is fit.  Let's use enthusiasm. Look at yourself and see, "How am I good at being enthusiastic?" People usually pay attention to where they fall short, and so what they get is more falling short: where you begin is where you return. 

Everyone knows what it takes to be fit. Eat right, get plenty of exercise and rest, and they are 'doing' that. But the moment we  stop thinking of 'doing' it, or they don't want to DO it, or 'doing' it isn't fun anymore, they're going to stop because it's all focused on, "I have to DO this."These are the people who never saw themselves differently. They saw themselves as being unfit or fat, so they had to do something to get fit and thin - they never saw themselves as being healthy or being beautiful or anything like that. The people who actually make it and enjoy a life of fitness are the ones who have shifted the way they use to look at themselves. See yourself now as 'being' healthy, committed to health, as 'being' beautiful and attractive. Your vision creates your reality. So go conquer a new world where in there is no place for unhealthiness only place for health and fitness.

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